If you haven’t read Julianna Keyes before, this is a great book to start with! It’s not part of a series, there’s no connections to any other books so it’s a great place to start with an excellent author.

The title of this one gives away some of this book – which I completely appreciate. I like knowing what I’m getting into with a book and this one is such a redemption story and I love a good redemption story! I’ve told so many people to read this book – and to keep reading past a few chapters, because the hero is such an ass in those first few chapters. But I promise you that there is a good redemption coming…really.

Aidan moves into a new apartment at the beginning of the book with a nice guy, Jerry. Upon meeting Jerry’s girlfriend, Aster, he decided he has to have her. Aidan sets out to make that happen pretty much immediately. The dislike for this MC sets in pretty quickly, which is kind of impressive all on its own. His actions just are not…decent. Now, he doesn’t do anything to make him irredeemable but it comes close to that point. Aidan breaks the couple up essentially ruthlessly without caring how that would effect either his roommate or his roommate’s girl – only with his eye on the prize.

However, upon getting to know Aster he realizes first impressions really aren’t everything. This is where Keyes shines in my opinion. She did a wonderful job of painting a picture of kind of the perfect girl from the outside, but upon closer inspection there’s more to the story obviously. That sounds simplistic and easy to do…but I don’t think it is. Or I would have come across other books with this exact same premise carried out the same way. And quite frankly, I haven’t. The getting to know you stage of Aster and Aidan extends for quite a while through the book and it takes the reader through twists and turns with some angst thrown in, but not angst to a ridiculous degree. Again – that’s a hard thing to balance and Keyes does it incredibly well here.

Aidan is definitely redeemed by the end of the book. I kept telling my book friends that he would be, and to keep reading past his douche moments because it was coming! Keyes is quickly becoming an auto-buy author for me as she hasn’t disappointed me once. I highly recommend jumping in with this book and then immediately going to her backlist!

Rating: 5 stars

Reviewer: Melinda

Title: My Roommate’s Girl

Author:  Julianna Keyes

Release Date: June 12, 2017

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