Marti Trailor―social worker, mother of three, wife of a successful obstetrician, daughter of a Congressman―is ready to go back to work. She’s thrilled when the perfect opportunity falls in her lap. Marti quickly begins to feel like she is making a difference in the lives of her clients. Soon, though, she finds herself caught up in the dark side of the medical center.

I should start off this review by saying that the lack of formatting of the ARC I received took away some of my enjoyment of this story. The division of time periods is not clear and led to an unnatural rhythm in the writing, making the story feel disjointed and out of sync. It wasn’t until I read a review after finishing the book that I realized the story was jumping back and forth between past and present (Duh! I should have figured that out! Not one of my finer moments). That made things make more sense, but because of the formatting I simply wasn’t getting that while reading. Even knowing what I know now, the telling of the story still left me feeling all over the place.

Best Intentions was good. It had good bones. I read it with a sense of needing to know what really happened. For most of the book you don’t even know for sure who was is in trouble or why. However, I felt as if I were left hanging at the end without complete closure. It was too neat and tidy and I wanted more.

What fascinated me most about this book was its location – Richmond, Virginia. Virginia is home for me. While many places are fictionalized here there were some actual places that had me thinking “I’ve heard of that!”

Another descent addition to your mystery/thriller/suspense TBR if you’re a fan of the genre.

Advanced copy of this book provided by NetGalley.


Rating: 3.5 stars

Reviewer: Jennifer

Title: Best Intentions

Author: Erika Raskin

Release Date: August 15, 2017

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