Nalini Singh has a new series people!! This is not a drill! And it’s so GOOD! You can’t go wrong with a Nalini book.

Cherish Hard is a spin-off of her Rock Hard series. This book is out in 2 weeks and you do not need to have read any of the Rock Hard books to read this one – it completely stands alone. Sailor is the brother of Gabriel, the rugby player – who was one of my favorites of that series. I fell into this book pretty hardcore. Which, wasn’t really shocking since it’s Nalini and I generally love everything she does and read everything she does. But her contemporaries are so different from her paranormals. I mean – there are definitely similarities. The world-building is here, there are solid side characters that I love, and obviously the romance is present but the differences are striking too. The combination of both make Nalini Singh my favorite author since she can switch so deftly.

Sailor and Isa cross paths in college for a brief time but it left a big impact on Sailor so when they meet again as adults he is bound and determined to connect for real this time. Sailor is ambitious and hard-working but also really loving of the family in his life. Isa was a fascinating character to me because she has an amazing business mind and is super practical but years to be more of a poet type. I absolutely loved to see these two interact not only with each other but with their families and in their companies. I felt like the romance here built at a great speed and the tension was exactly right – the arc of the book had me feeling a little anxious as to what was going to happen and when it was resolved I was ridiculously happy because I NEEDED these two to get their HEA.

This book is set before Gabriel’s – aka T-Rex’s – from the Rock Hard series. So at first the timeline confused me a bit. The families in this book are everything here and I love them all!! Isa’s siblings are perfection and the way her sister is written made me want her to grow up and have a whole book around her. Which is such a Nalini trait – there are so many characters in her paranormals that I am dying to see get their own books! The same could be said here for Isa’s friend (omg I need to know the FULL story on that just FYI) and Sailor’s hilarious brothers. Side characters can make or break a book and Nalini’s always just fill hers out so well.

I loved this book. I can’t wait for the next contemporary Hard Play novel! Or Psy/Changeling novel. Or Guild Hunter novel…Or really anything Nalini Singh wants to write. Because let’s face it, if she writes it, I’m reading it – and so should you!


Rating: 5 Stars

Reviewer: Melinda

Title: Cherish Hard

Author: Nalini Singh

Release Date: November 14, 2017

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