Prime Minister is a book that I *want* to love. The hero is the Prime Minster of Canada, incredibly smart, funny, handsome and is hiding a kinky side from his country. He falls hard for a college intern and tries to navigate introducing kink to her, hiding the relationship from the country, and just a new relationship and being a Prime Minister in general. If that sounds like a lot for one book to conquer that’s because it is!

 I really liked both of the main characters. They made me laugh, which I always want and need in the books I’m reading. He came off as a very in control PM who wanted to be an effective leader for his country. I enjoyed seeing him try to be in control of both that and his feelings for her. She did not work as well for me however. I liked her sass a lot. She discovered what she wanted and went after it which I love in my female characters – I’m not a fan of demure heroines so much. I liked that she kind of made him realize what he wanted.

But what didn’t work for me was that she was pretty much everything that the administration needed. She was a Women’s Studies major, and okay fine, maybe she got an internship. But I’m not sure how that parlayed into writing a very last minute speech for the Prime Minister and have it be the most amazing speech ever. That really bothered me – I felt that she could have been important and good at her job without being the be all and end all there.

 I enjoyed watching the two flirt with each other and play with the idea of getting into a relationship. The dating scenes were fun and funny and the sex scenes were smoking hot. However as the book progressed I felt that it kind of languished. I wasn’t sure what the point of the plot was after a certain point, it wasn’t *going* anywhere.  Overall the book was fun but not what I expected.

Rating: 3 Stars

Reviewer: Melinda

Title: Prime Minister

Author: Ainsley Booth & Sadie Haller