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November 2016

Book Review: Devotion by Marianne Evans

What would you do if your spouse cheated on you? Continue reading “Book Review: Devotion by Marianne Evans”

Ten Questions with Ross Klavan

Ross Klavan is the person you always wanted to be. At least I feel this way. His novel, “Shmuck”, was published in 2014 and he recently finished the screenplay for “The Colony” based on the book by John Bowers. He has a vast past in writing screenplays, doing voiceovers, and covers stories as a reporter for New York City and London, England. Can you also recognize him by his television and radio commercials?
Continue reading “Ten Questions with Ross Klavan”

What’s On Your Bookworm Bucket List?

To have tea with Jane Austen? To live in a house with an autochef? To sit in on a meeting of the Pickwick Club? What is on your bookworm bucket list? Continue reading “What’s On Your Bookworm Bucket List?”

Book Review: You’ve Been Warned by James Patterson

A favorite author puts out another unfavorite book.

Continue reading “Book Review: You’ve Been Warned by James Patterson”

Book Review: Heartless by Marissa Meyer

This was the book that I started immediately upon returning from BEA back in May. And the one that I was willing to wait in line for a really long time both to get a ticket for the autograph and then again to actually GET the autograph of the author. And as a fangirl…it was completely worth it! Marissa Meyer was really sweet and nice to the fans in front of me and me as well. I told her how much I loved The Lunar Chronicles and particularly the audio versions and she agreed that the narration was amazing. Continue reading “Book Review: Heartless by Marissa Meyer”

Book Review: First Light by Bill Rancic

Put on your hat, coat and gloves for this story. First Light takes you deep into snowy Yukon Territory on a frigid adventure. Continue reading “Book Review: First Light by Bill Rancic”

Ten Questions with Nic Joseph

Nic Joseph joins Bookish Devices today for Ten Questions. She’s a brand new author whose first book – Boy, 9, Missing – released in September 2016. If her future books are as good as this debut then we’ve got an excellent author on our hands.  Continue reading “Ten Questions with Nic Joseph”

Book Review: And Every Morning the Way Home Gets Longer and Longer: A Novella by Fredrik Backman


My love affair with Fredrik Backman’s writing continues with his new novella, And Every Morning the Way Home Gets Longer and Longer, Continue reading “Book Review: And Every Morning the Way Home Gets Longer and Longer: A Novella by Fredrik Backman”

Book Review: The Shack by William Paul Young

No matter your faith, this book will have you thinking one way or another about life and another way to look at traditional religious stories.

Continue reading “Book Review: The Shack by William Paul Young”

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