I’m going to be writing a series of a few mini reviews of books I’ve read over the past few months to catch up on some books I want to let you all know about!

Rebel Hard – Nalini Singh. This book. I mean, just read it. Yes, Nalini is my ultimate favorite author, but this is my favorite contemporary that she’s written. Raj and Nayna were just so great on page. I loved seeing their relationship unfold, and even more, I loved seeing Nayna develop her own sense of self. 5 Stars.

Merrily Ever After – Jenny Holiday. I have some complex feelings about this novella, which is book 2.5 in the Bridesmaids Behaving Badly series. This couple had previously been set up to not be able to have children and been more than happy with that. The setup for this book was apparent going in that she was going to Miraculously Get Pregnant. And I was pleased with how the author dealt with the fallout within the relationship and how realistically she had them renegotiate things between them. The same for how she had the secondary characters react.

However…I was so happy to have a couple be child free AND happy. So this is probably my own hangups coming out but to have that and then have this kind of reversal was not great. I just really wanted these two to have their HEA. Alone. 3 Stars.

Intercepted – Alexa Martin. I really loved this book – it had such an incredibly strong, unique voice. Told from Marlee’s POV and wow, does she have a strong viewpoint. Some didn’t love that we get all of her – good and bad – but I like messy heroines. She had not-so-nice opinions on some of the other women in the books, and I was okay with that. Because sometimes that’s how it is, but if it were from a male POV, there is zero way I could have handled those opinions. Marlee carried the book 100% for me, and while I did enjoy the romance, that part was a bit weaker in the last quarter of the book. 4 Stars.

As Good as the first time – K.M. Jackson. I really enjoyed this second chance romance featuring the heroine returning to her small hometown to help out her family. I loved that she had a corporate job that just wasn’t going anywhere so when she returned home, while she thought she should return to the big city, she also could see the appeal of her hometown as well. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that her first love, Clayton, firefighting hottie, lives there. Family dynamics are what really shined the most throughout the book though and I want more of that in any further books! 3.5 stars.

Reviewer: Melinda

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