Title: Jockblocked

Author: Jen Frederick

Rating: 4 Stars

Reviewer: Melinda

I love Jen Frederick, she writes the New Adult genre in a way that makes me really enjoy the characters, the plot, and pretty much everything about each book she writes. Some New Adult books have way too much angst for me and that can overshadow the whole book. Some of them have way too much sex or insta-lust without any feelings and then what’s the point? Frederick deftly manages to balance any angst with romance and the right amount of sex with witty banter to get the exact right right mix.

This is book #2 in Frederick’s Gridiron series. I’m not a fan of sports in real life at all but I have a big weakness for sporty books. Elle Kennedy. Sarina Bowen. Monica Murphy. Mariana Zapata. Kristen Callihan. They all managed to turn me! Basically at the heart of this book it’s a forbidden love story because the heroine is supposed to be hands off for the hero.Which of course does not work out so well.

Matty as the hero leaned almost towards an alpha-hole but then he would do the sweetest things that would make me change my mind completely about him which I loved.Lucy being diabetic is a big deal and very dangerous for her and I loved that Matty cared about it and wanted to learn how to deal with it – that’s what made me root for him at the heart of everything. Lucy was a great heroine – a reluctant, stubborn heroine is one that I have to root for because I love to see the push and pull of the couple.

I didn’t realize the earth was moving when I saw you the first time. I didn’t realize everything in my life was changing because it happened slowly. One meal, one conversation, one kiss at a time.

The side characters were great, of course. But Hammer stole the show. I LOVE him. He needs his own book. STAT. Jen, are you listening? Pretty please?

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.