I’m pretty sure my Sarina Bowen love is established for all here in the blog so I won’t bother reiterating it and boring all of you yet again…but I love her writing. Brooklynaire is loosely attached to her Brooklyn Bruiser series – in that it’s connected to the series and those who’ve read the previous books have been wanting this book BUT if you picked this book up cold, never having read the earlier ones you would be completely fine. I think that is incredibly smart and must have been so hard to do! This couple wasn’t so established that fans were dying for them, but just teased enough that we wondered. I love that a new reader could pick this up and not really be missing anything. I know that is a constant question, at least in the romance community, and here is a deft way to answer that.

This book breaks one of the rules that I’m generally not a fan of – it jumps around in time from the present to past, the present to less recent past, the present to more recent past, and so on. But here it works and works really, really well. Because we haven’t been told their story in previous books we have no idea what has taken place between Becca and Nate. The way the story unfolds made me even more interested rather than a linear progression from point A to point B. Their past was kind of interspersed throughout the present story, which made everything so much more clear as events progressed. The storytelling was quirky and worked really well with this particular couple – I’m not so sure it would have worked with just anyone!

Becca has been by Nate’s side almost since the beginning of his company and definitely since before he became a billionaire. She’s been by his side throughout heartache and has helped him organize his whole life – so when he moved her to a different company of his a few years ago it left her questioning what she did wrong. When she gets an injury and Nate steps in to try to take care of her things just kind of progress in ways she didn’t intend them to and she’s left with more questions.

“I’m the quirky fun girl at the office who knows what time the cars are coming and can always find you a dinner reservation. I’m never the one the reservation is for.”

Becca is independent and fierce, and Nate is overprotective and used to getting everything he wants. I really enjoyed that combination and watching them try to find a perfect balance of the two. They both love their jobs and the organization and I thought the tension of them trying to walk the fine line of everything was done really well. This book hit every beat I needed it to. The chemistry between Nate and Becca was intense and this couple was sweet at the same time.

I really loved this book! I have a feeling loyal Sarina Bowen fans will love it and new readers will find it and love it too.


Rating: 5 Stars

Reviewer: Melinda

Title: Brooklynaire

Author: Sarina Bowen

Release Date: February 12, 2018

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