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Book Review: Seashell Season by Holly Chamberlin

As a mother, I was a bit tentative to read a book about child abduction. However, Seashell Season dealt with the subject after the fact, when thankfully, the child is reunited with her mother. Continue reading “Book Review: Seashell Season by Holly Chamberlin”

Book Review: Stormswept by Deborah Martin

This was a re-issue of an older book written by one of my go to romance authors, Sabrina Jeffries, writing as Deborah Martin. What a wonderful love story this turned out to be! Continue reading “Book Review: Stormswept by Deborah Martin”

Book Review: If I Forget You by Thomas Christopher Green

I’m always interested to see how a male author handles a love story. In If I Forget You, Thomas Christopher Greene made me happy. Continue reading “Book Review: If I Forget You by Thomas Christopher Green”

Book Review: The Memory of Us by Camille Di Maio

I was totally blown away by Camille Di Maio’s debut novel, The Memory of Us. It is my favorite book so far this year. Continue reading “Book Review: The Memory of Us by Camille Di Maio”

Book Review: Better Get To Livin’ by Sally Kilpatrick

Better Get To Livin’ is the second book that I’ve read by Sally Kilpatrick, and I must admit, it is as sweet, funny and charming as the first, The Happy Hour Choir. Continue reading “Book Review: Better Get To Livin’ by Sally Kilpatrick”

Book Review: One Pink Rose by Julie Garwood

Having read Julie Garwood’s For the Roses, an absolutely wonderful book, many years ago, I forgot that she also wrote sequels which continued with the Clayborne brothers after they’d grown. Continue reading “Book Review: One Pink Rose by Julie Garwood”

Book Review: The Girl From Summer Hill by Jude Deveraux

Title: The Girl From Summer Hill

Author: Jude Deveraux

Rating: 4 stars

Reviewer: Dottie

I was extremely excited when I was approved by Netgalley to read the first in a new series by one of my most beloved romance writers, Jude Deveraux.  Continue reading “Book Review: The Girl From Summer Hill by Jude Deveraux”

Ten Questions with Julia London

Julia London is the award winning, bestselling author of more than thirty romance novels, both historical and contemporary. Her latest novel, Suddenly In Love released this month and as part of the excitement we’re happy to welcome Julia to Ten Questions. Continue reading “Ten Questions with Julia London”

Book Review: Suddenly in Love by Julia London

Title: Suddenly in Love

Author: Julia London

Rating: 4 stars

Reviewer: Dottie

The first in a new contemporary romance series, Suddenly in Love is another winner from one of my favorite authors, Julia London. Continue reading “Book Review: Suddenly in Love by Julia London”

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